A closet is not just another corner in the house to stuff your things into. Wardrobes are a place where you curate your perfectly handpicked clothing items, a space to indulge in your lavishness and to explore the various facets of yourself that you wish to put out there into the world.

A perfect walk-in closet or even a smaller closet need to have a few necessary qualities and features that make it appropriate for its true intention- to store and adore your outfits!

luxury wardrobes

Three things to definitely keep in mind before investing in a closet are

  •         Visibility
  •         Lighting
  •         Customised Storage Solutions

We’ll take you step by step through these pointers to acquaint you with them thoroughly.


luxury wardrobes

It’s one of the most important factors of any closet that you invest in. Your closet needs to have enough space for most of your outfits to be on full display. If that purpose is overlooked, you will only end up wearing clothes that you see in front of you most of the time. A good and well-spaced closet, most definitely a walk-in one, champions this purpose superbly.


luxury wardrobes

This is something most people tend to very easily over-look. But perfect lighting is the key to having a well-designed closet. The kind of light you have in your closet aids tremendously in distinguishing between the subtle shades of the same color of clothing. They also help you understand exactly what kind of color would suit a particular occasion and in terms of the time of day you choose to wear it. Daylight LED lights and other diffused materials take care of this very efficiently.

Hanging and Storing Systems

luxury wardrobes

A good wardrobe and closet must always have perfect storing spaces. Rods, hangers, shelves and drawers must all come in abundance and engineered with precision for them to serve their purpose. The materials used to make them are equally important as they will be in touch with your clothing items and hence determine their longevity and finesse. Though this may seem trivial, but a good deal of investments needs to go into sourcing good hangers and hooks as well.

These basics are the most important things to remember when getting a wardrobe fitted or built into your house. Custom made wardrobes are surely one of the best ways to go. They cater to your individual needs in the most detailed manner.

Schmalenbach wardrobes are the epitome of purist craftsmanship when it comes to a well-designed, custom-made wardrobe. Handmade in Oberberg, Schmalenbach offers the best of wardrobes, built in cabinets and shelving systems. Their range of wardrobes is variegated in nature with a classic approach that defines their products.


The finest materials starting from Melamine to Veneer are used to ensure a defined look and feel to the wardrobes. They come with an array of accessories including Pull out for ties and belts, Chest for glasses, Divider for drawer interior, Pull out for boots, Jewellery inserts, Shoe shelves, along with Integrated lighting to accentuate everything that lies within them!

luxury wardrobes

Your outfits deserve to be pampered too. Walk into Luxury with Schmalenbach Wardrobes. Check out their collections, only on Plüsch Living and enjoy the taste of lavishness.

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