The way you decorate your house defines who you are, and the furniture you choose to put has a great functional and aesthetic value. There are certain pieces of furniture that are so quirky and different that they qualify as pieces of art and serve a great functional purpose. Here are 10 pieces of furniture so unique that you will want it in your homes for sure.

The Coffee Bench

A unique and flexible piece of furniture designed by Beyond Standards, the coffee table can be moulded and used as a bench, single chairs with side tables and many other combinations as per your need and requirement. Have fun and experiment with this piece.



The Button Bench

The button bench designed by Julio is a unique bench that takes us back to our childhood. The candy inspired bench with bright shades of yellow, blue and magenta serves as a fun, quirky piece of furniture. The dots squish when you sit on them and pop up when you get up.



If you love reading this will be your favourite piece of furniture ever. A bookshelf within an armchair or and armchair within a bookshelf, this will be your go to place. Snuggle in with a good book and keep all your favourite stories near you.


Canvas Chairs

An ingenious collection of furniture designed by YOY, made of aluminium, wood and stretched canvas will appeal to the artist in you. Lean it against your wall and your furniture will double up as art for your house.



Chair Inside a Chair

This unique piece of furniture designed by Flavio Scalzo has a modern, simple design which hides inside it another chair of a similar design.



Obelisk Chairs

An amazing space saving furniture for the outdoors, the entire collection comes with a set of 4 chairs and a table that can be stacked up to form one structure that has a shape reminiscent of an obelisk. A great space saving furniture, a perfect set up for smaller houses.



The Flap Table

Designed by Koralturk the flap table is the ultimate entertainment table. Built of premium MDF this dining table turns into a pool table, transforming your space into a fun filled game zone.



The Convertible Couch Bed

Designed by Karim Rashid, this super-efficient and useful couch doubles up as a bed, and its eye-popping colour looks amazing.



Ping Pong Door

Imagine a door that doubles up as a ping pong table. Designed by Tobias Franzel this door is complete with a net and field markings.



The multifunctional Alop Seat

Designed by Silvia Pinci, Alop is a multifunctional seat which can be converted into a table. It has a wooden base and three cushions of different sizes. If you wish to use it as a table, just take out the cushions and flip the piece upside down.



For more designs and classy and unique furniture you can always visit us at Plüsch Living.

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