The kitchen is a place where a lot of time off the day is spent. Depending on the house you have planning the layout of the kitchen can be very important. A proper layout facilitates in saving space, and making efficient use of the requirements. Some of the most common form of kitchen layouts are

The One Wall Kitchen

Ideal for smaller spaces and studio apartments this Kitchen basically has everything against one wall. Usually the sink is in the middle with the refrigerator and cooker on either side. However, this arrangement can be changed according to convenience. The appliances are usually integrated, or compact appliances are used. Though the ultimate space saver, this kitchen layout provides very little counter space and prep area.  Eggersmann’s Classic collection has some great one wall Kitchens to offer. Click on the link to know more –http://www.pluschliving.com/eggersmann-classic.html

One wall kitchen

The Galley Kitchen

The Galley Kitchen also known as a walk-through kitchen. It is a corridor kitchen with two walls opposite each other, or two countertops parallel to each other.  Therefore, this is ideal for a one cook kitchen and is easier to clean and maintain. It usually leads to a dining area. The Galley Kitchen often acts a thoroughfare for other people in the house often becoming very clumsy and crowded for those cooking. Poggen Pohl’s Segmento collection is one of our favourite Galley Kitchens. Follow the link to have a look http://www.pluschliving.com/poggenpohl-segmento.html

Galley kitchen

U-shaped Kitchen

A U-shaped Kitchen is a kitchen that is surrounded by three sides. It gives people a lot more counter space as compared to a Galley or One-Wall Kitchen but still does not have place for chairs and tables. More cooks can work in this set-up; however, it is ideal as a single cook kitchen. The utensils and appliances are easier to access. Goldreif Profile has some amazing U-shaped kitchens which you can check out at –

U-Shaped kitchen

L-Shaped Kitchen

An L-Shaped kitchen is a more open and efficient kitchen layout. Ideal for families that love to entertain this kitchen provides a lot of open space and freedom of movement. An easy working triangle is established in this layout. It is a smart design. It0 will eliminate traffic as thoroughfare is not logistically possible and works well for small and medium sized kitchens. Goldreif’s Classic collection has some L-shaped Kitchens you can choose from http://www.pluschliving.com/goldreif-classic.html

L-Shaped kitchen

G-Shaped Kitchens

A G-shaped Kitchen is similar to a U-shaped one. An extra leg is attached at a right or obtuse angle to the peninsula which can be used as a dining and serving area. Hence, it is a good kitchen to work in for multiple cooks. Care should be taken that the fourth leg is placed in such a way that it is easy and convenient for people to move around the kitchen. You can see some Kitchens at Poggen Pohl Artesio collection and be inspired to create a perfect kitchen for yourself.

G-Shaped kitchen

Island Kitchen

In an island Kitchen, the kitchen is built around the centre point of an island. It can either be a dining or food preparation area. The biggest misconception about an Island Kitchen is that everyone needs to have one. Though very convenient and ideal for socialising, the Island Kitchen takes up a lot of space and certain houses just cannot accommodate one. However, if space is not a constraint, Island Kitchens are very convenient and useful. Poggen Pohl’s Edition Range has a timeless elegance about it, and you can see some Island Kitchens here –

Island kitchen

At Plüsch Living the best of German brands come together to provide you with Kitchens as per your requirement and convenience. Brands like Poggen Pohl, Goldreif and Eggersmann have the best in modular kitchens. Also, they can be moulded according to your needs. From classic to contemporary, get exclusive curated kitchens only at Plüsch Living.

To refurnish your Kitchen and get the best of appliances and help, you can always visit us at Plüsch Living and be amazed by the brilliant collection of state-of-the-art kitchens, and appliances.

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