Modern day apartments don’t come with a lot of space to work with. Also, the kitchens in such apartments tend to be smaller and compact. It gets difficult to adequately utilize space if we don’t have the right means for storage around the kitchen.

Luxury Kitchen

We cannot stress more on the importance of storage units that not only maximize the use of space in a kitchen but also doesn’t make it look clustered.
Here are 5 great means for efficient storage around the kitchen to put your space to the best use!

Smart Pantries

luxury kitchen

Pantries can be extremely crafty storage spaces. A well-built custom pantry is one of the best additions to any kitchen and hence, can give you access to a lot of space you didn’t know you had before!

Corner Drawers

luxury kitchen

Corner drawers are possibly one of the best innovations for any kitchen, irrespective of whether the kitchen is big or small. Also, these corner drawers are deeper than most and hence give you maximum space utility!

Utensil Drawers

luxury kitchen

The beauty of these can be summed up in one word-Irreplaceable! No more hanging ladles and spatulas from hooks and cluttering your workstation. With these drawers all your utensils are sorted and organised for good!


luxury kitchen

Cabinets are the saviors of any kitchen that struggles with space utility. These cabinet spaces under your workstations help to effectively carve out more space. Therefore, get quirky with your cabinets and work around to create more spaces!

Pull-out Units


They’re the latest trend and you should start installing them right away! Pull out units help you maximize storage by utilizing cramped up spaces in the most efficient and clean manner. Also, not only are they elegant but smart and helps you storing ingredients and baking items and whole lot more!

The best thing about any kitchen is to have a smooth workflow. Never forget the work- triangle when organizing your Kitchen, so as to maintain a competent workstation.

luxury kitchen

For more ideas and innovative ways to maximize storage for your kitchen, log on to Plüsch Living right away!

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