The furniture you choose to put in your house, makes a huge difference to the look and feel of your interiors. While choosing furniture people usually consider the durability, practicality and aesthetic appeal. Wood, metal and leather are usually preferred materials for furniture. But apart from these, stone is also a versatile and often used material in furniture. The variety of natural colours that are available in stone add a huge appeal and great aesthetic value to the furniture. Draenert is a leading furniture design company that specialises in stone furniture, along with a wide variety of wood, leather, glass and metal furniture. Draenert has a collection of over 200 natural stones. At Plüsch Living, you can find a wide variety of Draenert’s exclusive collection to choose from.

The advantages of using stone in furniture are many. Stone is a very versatile medium. A lot of pieces of furniture can be made from stone. Dining tables, console tables, side tables and even chairs can be made from stone. Draenert has an exclusive collection of stone dining tables, coffee tables and console tables you can choose from. https://www.draenert.de/en/products/coffee-and-side-tables.html

Stone tables

Stone furniture requires very little maintenance and can last you a long time. Though a more expensive alternative, stone furniture can take a lot of wear and tear and is a very hardy material. Easy to clean and preserve, stone is often a preferred material for dining table tops. Given its durability, stone furniture is often a lifetime investment. There is an exclusive collection of dining tables at Draenert, that you can have a look at https://www.draenert.de/en/products/dining-tables.html

Stone tables

There are a wide variety of stones to choose from. Since it is a natural resource, it is highly unlikely that two pieces of furniture will ever be the same. Therefore the uniqueness and richness of stone furniture adds character to your house. It often becomes the focal point of attention in a room. With an in-house stone park with over 200 types of natural stones available from all over the world Draenert gives you an unmatched collection to choose from. You can have a look at their stone collection here – https://www.draenert.de/en/materials/stone.html

Stone collection

Stone is also Feng Shui friendly. ‘Furniture made of stone, the Earth element, helps to ground us and provide us with stability”, is what a Feng Shui consultant, Maureen K. Calamia has to say.

Often used in conjunction with other materials like wood and metal, stone still has a charm of its own. Though it is heavy and difficult to move around it is still a very popular and preferred material. It is better to use neutral stone cleansers to maintain your stone furniture, over lemon based soaps as they etch the surface of the stone. Alternatively, the stone furniture can easily be sealed to preserve its natural beauty.

If you want your furniture to make a statement and be exclusive you can always depend on stone furniture. Though Draenert has a collection of wooden, glass and metal furniture also, they specialise in stone furniture. For more exclusive furniture from Draenert as well as other leading international brands you can always visit us at Plüsch Living.

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