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Poggenpohl gives birth to class around the house with its exclusive line of contemporary kitchens. Steeped in history and pioneering inventions, Poggenpohl has always been at the top of the game with constant innovations and master craftsmanship.

For a brand as old and prestigious as Poggenpohl, every new achievement is another feather that gets added to the hat.

2016 was a tremendous year, with new lines of kitchens being launched and amazing events where Poggenpohl made its appearance.

In the warm months of Finnish Summer, it installed a unique kitchen from the +MODO range at its Helsinki studio. The celebratory aspect of the event was the inclusion of the brand Electrolux in the whole affair. The kitchen was specifically designed to incorporate Electrolux Grand Cuisine appliances to completely take the luxury quotient a notch higher.


In Foodie Fiction author Stacey Ballis Chicago home renovation, Poggenpohl found itself featured rather generously. The stylish wood cabinets installed made a wonderfully timeless impact to the overall appeal of the scenic kitchen.


It also hosted the West Edge Design Fair kick-off event. The fair is a celebration of the best in modern design. With 50 exclusive guests on a chilly October evening, Poggenpohl’s event was a raging success!


It was an exceptionally good year with respect to awards for Poggenpohl. Recognition, mentions, distinctions, the Poggenpohl kitchen ranges were celebrated all through 2016. One such range is the P’7350, the architectural brilliance created by Porsche Design and Poggenpohl together. The kitchen won awards and special mentions all through 2016. Specifically, German Design Award 2016, Focus Open 2015, Materialica Design + Technology Award 2015.


Apart from this, Poggenpohl also bagged three prestigious awards, namely The Best of Big D Award, The KBB Reader’s Choice Award and the German Brand Award 2016. Winning the German Brand Award is a big achievement as the award celebrates the best of German luxury designs brands that bring together the best of form and functionality in the most contemporary and posh manner.


The legacy of Poggenpohl kitchens keeps reaching new heights each year. Be it with new innovations or increasing the finesse of craftsmanship, Poggenpohl kitchens keep reinventing itself to bring out the best in your homes!

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