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Your kitchen is the most dynamic room in your house. Stemming out from pure necessity to evolving into a space that does much more than just take care of your


Creating high end kitchen appliances requires a lot of digging into the latest innovations that keep coming our way. Innovation is intriguing. Sometimes, you discover needs that you don’t even

COR Furniture – Luxury Living

Your home reflects you, much larger than your life! It should verse out a story. A story of your being and a story of what you love. It’s about creating

Unique Features about German Kitchens

German kitchens come second to none in today’s world of efficient, chic and functional work-spaces. They are something that everyone wants to incorporate into our homes. For years and years,

Kitchen Cleaning Hacks For Diwali

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It’s that time of the year- it’s time to shed the old and embrace the new. Each year, as the wheel turns, we complete one bout of festivities and begin

Evolution of Kitchens Through the Years

Our kitchens have become our pride. They often take centre stage at homes. A major chunk of the layout of houses are thought out surrounding the kitchen. However, kitchens were not

10 Most Luxurious Kitchens in the World

Your kitchen is more than just a place to cook and store food. It is a creative space that can exemplify your state of mind. Luxurious kitchens all over the

Gaggenau: celebrating 333 years

Gaggenau celebrates 333 years this week. This German brand has today become synonymous with high-end home appliances.  How it all started… Gaggenau is a small village in the Murtgal Valley,

Introducing wardrobes by Schmalenbach – Newest addition to our Mumbai store

Schmalenbach Designs offers you with completely customisable wardrobes and cabinet furniture. Founded in Germany, Schmalenbach is renowned luxury brand exporting custom made wardrobes and cabinet furniture worldwide. Started in 2004,