Your kitchen is where you cook up a storm and please everyone with your culinary skills. It tends to become one of the most versatile spaces in your household, alternating between hosting guests there and completely turning it into a workstation. A meticulous custom made kitchen is the need of the hour in today’s lifestyle. But a modular kitchen is a big investment and commitment that needs thorough planning.

Modular Kitchen

We present to you an all-round, complete guide to buying the perfect kitchen for your home!


The first step is to fix the budget for your kitchen. This is going to help you decide what sort of materials you can choose and exactly how you can go about selecting all the other important aspects of the kitchen.

Shape of your kitchen

The next step is to analyse exactly how big your kitchen area is. Based on that you can choose your ideal shape. Kitchen cabinets can be designed to fit your area in various shapes, be it L-shaped, U-shaped, or parallel or straight! And if you have a big kitchen space, you can go for an open kitchen with an island!

Luxury kitchen

Heights and Depths

The next step is to identify the heights of your kitchen cabinets. A proper kitchen has to be ergonomic in nature and hence everything should be in your immediate reach. The depths of your countertop and hence your other base units also need to be planned out for the most efficient design.

Choosing materials/Colours

You need to select the materials and colours for your kitchen. You must remember to always strike a balance between form and function. Don’t just see what “looks” good but pay attention to what lasts longer for the carcass. For the colours you need to strike a balance between the combination of the cabinets, countertop, flooring, dado to complete the look of the room. The material for your countertop is again another important decision. A good countertop is very important for your kitchen. If you want a complete 101 on countertops, click here!

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Selecting Appliances

The next step to is to select the appliances that go into your kitchen. With rampant advancement in technology, appliances keep getting revamped. Choose high-end products when it comes to permanent appliances like chimneys and ovens. Explore your options and deliberate over every aspect before settling for your products.


Always keep in mind that the best kitchens can be customised to suit your specific needs. Customisation helps build the perfect kitchen for you, perfectly according to your needs!

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A luxury kitchen lasts for a long time, with proper maintenance and options to customise, your Kitchen has the ability to stand out and also serve you in the best possible manner.

Luxury kitchen

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