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The P’7340 is the coming together of Poggenpohl and Porsche Design in an endeavor to bring forth a line of kitchen that surpasses all ideas of luxury. It is to create a new niche for itself. They recently extended their license partnership to continue working on the P’7340- improving and innovating all through to the peak of creative excellence.


The P’7340 embodies the ideology and philosophy of both the brands to the T. Porsche Design is a luxury brand with a technical approach to designing. Their timeless, purist yet functional flair combine perfectly with the essence of Poggenpohl kitchens. Therefore, together their creation of the P’7340 is the epitome of design that is based on a classic yet contemporary approach. This has found takers all over the world including high end places like RITZ IN PARIS!


The aluminium frame of the P’7340 kitchen is one of its key design features. It takes the concept of modular kitchens and makes it way more adaptable wherein elements can be fitted anywhere within the frame.

The classic handle-less German design finds its way here and makes it infinitely more high end. One touch can open up drawers and similarly close at one small push. The practical aluminium rails accentuate the clear cut fine lines of the kitchen design. Therefore, the precision incorporated into the design speaks volumes when the mechanisms work in perfect consort. A narrow shadow gap gives rise to a distinctive feature that can be seen at play throughout the layout of the kitchen.


The materials used are mostly metallic in nature. Aluminium framed cabinet gives a unique touch to the whole look of it. These metallic materials are anodized with special coatings that give birth to the exclusive look of the kitchen. Special color shades have been made compatible with wooden surfaces. They add the right amount of texture and grain to the finished look of the kitchen.

The P’7340 combines high end technology with luxurious finishes and that is what makes this line so appealing. Its sleek frame design coupled with high tech touch control features renders it to be one of the finest lines of kitchens. It has also  found takers all over the world including high end places like the Ritz in Paris.


Drama, Clarity and Grace- these are the three features that speak out when you lay eyes of the P’7340. Engineered to melt form into function, the P’7340 is a revolutionary and unique work of art that spells luxury and lavishness without compromising on technological innovation.


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