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Gaggenau celebrates 333 years this week. This German brand has today become synonymous with high-end home appliances. 

How it all started…

Gaggenau is a small village in the Murtgal Valley, at the foot of the Black Forest.

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In 1683, Margrave Ludwig laid the foundation for this successful brand here and hence, the name derived. Ludwig saw the potential of an area rich in iron ore and timber and established a forge, thereby, opening new sources of income for the impoverished farmers.

In the first place, the Gaggenau forge started out by making nails. In due time, the product range adapted to the new century. Many artisans honed their skills on a variety of new products and consequently, the company took on a pioneering role with many innovative products including coal and gas-fired stoves and bicycles. By 1908, the company had sold a total of 2,50,000 ‘Badenia’ bicycles.

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Revolutionary Products by Gaggenau

– When Dr. Otto von Blanquet took over in 1931, the company shifted its entire focus to coal and gas-fired stoves. Thereafter, it produced its first electric stove, thus, making cooking safer and convenient for home makers.

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– In 1972, the company presented the first 28cm wide Vario cooking top with top-mounted control knobs. This was a forerunner of the now classic advanced Vario cooktop series with perfectly specialised and combinable appliances.

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– By 1999, Gaggenau became the pioneer of healthy eating. Because of the the ED 220 steam oven, connected to the water supply and outlet, it inspired a new trend towards an authentic taste experience based on gentle steam cooking.

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– Eventually, in 2010, the company started designing different forms of air ventilation system for different purposes.

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Gaggenau is presently, one of the leading appliances brands in the world. Their designs are inspired by the requirements of top chefs hence, leading to the creation of revolutionary products.

As a matter of fact, this brand is a favourite for architects, designers and design enthusiasts everywhere. It offers a host of unique products ranging from ergonomic ovens with side opening doors to Vario 400 cooktops that customers can customise to suit their individual style and needs. On the whole, Gaggenau appliances helps you transform your kitchen into a cooking paradise.

After 333 years, the brand continues to innovate.

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